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Bosideon Consulting

Dysfunctional teams make smart people do stupid things.


The good news is that teamworking comes naturally to us - human beings are social animals and naturally collaborate on tasks. But if working together is natural to us, how come we can sometimes be so poor at it? The bad news is also because it comes naturally to us. As a result, many of the factors that drive our behaviour when we are in a group are hidden from our conscious minds. Group-dynamics affect all gatherings of humans and can be used to make teams work. Or they can make a group of smart people do stupid things.

Bosideon Consulting can:

  • deliver training so people know how to behave more productively as team-members.
  • coach individuals so they can work out what this means for them.
  • facilitate teams to develop how to put all this into practice in the workplace.

Being a team is not an either/or condition. Different groups need different levels of teamwork to function well. The stronger the teamwork required, the more effort is needed to strengthen how the team works.