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Bosideon Consulting

A good organisation has good leadership at every level.


Leadership isn’t something you do to other people. Leadership is a relationship and the health of relationships depends on the behaviour of everyone involved. And the best way to change someone else’s behaviour is to change your own. So a good starting point for a leader is to ask themselves the questions, ‘What behaviours do I want in other people and how do I behave to encourage those behaviours?’

What behaviours do I want in other people and how do I behave to encourage those behaviours?

This points to one of the fundamental building-blocks of leadership which is self-awareness, ‘How and why am I currently behaving?’

Following on from this, the behaviours a leader is trying to encourage could be described as ‘good followership’. You can make your own list of what constitutes good followership; mine would include, commitment, intelligence and creativity, frankness and the ability to disagree constructively. And you don’t get those by shouting at people.

How and why am I currently behaving?

Leadership does not need to be invested in just one person and it is quite possible for a team to lead itself. Although it usually ends up that someone is given the title of leader, especially in a hierarchy, that individual still doesn’t have to do all of it.

I coach people with formal leadership responsibilities so they can develop their natural strengths and do all this without me.