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Bosideon Consulting

Coaching - enabling intentional positive change.


Developing your abilities to reach your potential in business takes time and energy. Coaching can help you make the most of that commitment.

Coaching includes a wide range of specialisations, mine is in the area of executive coaching. You will come to me if you want to change the way you meet some of the challenges you face as an executive. These will probably include issues around leadership because, by the time you reach executive level, you will almost certainly lead a team. Every team is different and everyone’s leadership style is different. I can enable you to develop your innate leadership skills, adapt them to the dynamics of your team and prepare you for further challenges.

My role as a coach is to create a safe space in which you can examine your goals, really understand what they imply and create momentum towards them. I do not stick rigidly to one coaching model or technique but use a mix of what I think appropriate and what you find useful.

To be coached by me you have to be prepared to:

  • articulate your thoughts, describing and explaining your perception of your issues
  • accept challenges to your awareness and behaviour
  • be honest, both with yourself and me
  • find out more about yourself and other people
  • put in effort, both within and between coaching sessions

I work to the Global Code Of Ethics For Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors. Our conversations will be confidential unless I think you are about to harm yourself, someone else, or do something illegal.